Graduate Students — American Politics

NameEmail idWebsiteResearch
Nouf AljassarEmailResearch Interests: Public Policy and Administration, American Political Institutions, Political Behavior.
Brian AmosEmailResearch Interests: Redistricting, state politics, direct democracy, quantitative methodology.
Brandon ArmstrongEmailResearch Interests: American Political Institutions, Public Administration and Policy, African American Politics, American Political Development, Social Choice Theories, State and Local Government, and Research Methods.
Juliette BarberaEmailResearch Interests: Alternative and Innovative Approaches to Traditional Criminal Justice Policies; Politics, Policies and Outcomes Related to Criminal Justice; Public Policy Process and Evaluation; Public Policy and Administration; Quantitative Methods; Urban Policy; Effects of State Politics and Power on Marginalized Populations.
Celeste BulkleyEmail
Charles Dahan-GarriganEmailHomepageResearch Interests: Survey Design, Survey Research, Ballot Design, Political Behavior, Political Psychology, Experimental Political Science, Natural Experiments, Field Experiments, Political Physiology, Rational Choice, Behavioral Economics, Political Methodology
Rolda DarlingtonEmailResearch Interests: Minority and gender politics, Congressional studies, American institutions, Civic education and participation, and Democratic Representation
Matthew HarriganEmailHomepageResearch Interests: American Political Institutions, Congress, the Presidency, American Political Development, Political Parties and Elections.
Ishante LaToya HunterEmailResearch Interests: Florida Stand Your Ground Legislation, South African Traditional Law, Urban Politics, Sports Politics, African-American Politics
Keith LeeEmailHomepageResearch Interests: Southern Politics, American Institutions (Presidency & Congress), American Political Development, Public Administration & Policy, and State & Local Government
Peter LicariEmailHomepageResearch Interests: Political Psychology, Political Behavior, Formation and Expression of Political Identity, Voter Choice and Turnout, Opinion Formation, Digital Media, Survey Research, Large-N Research, and Political Methodology.
Thessalia MerivakiEmailHomepageResearch Interests: Electoral Institutions, Direct Democracy. Election Administration, Voting Rights, Representation and Accountability.
Robert Louis Mermer IIEmailResearch Interests: Congress, Working Class Representation, Welfare State Policy, Inter-branch Relations (Congress-Presidency and Congress-Judiciary), Parties, Political Development, and European Union Politics
Stephen C. PhillipsEmailHomepageResearch Interests: American Political Institutions (Congress & Presidency), American Political and Legislative Development, Public Policy & Administration, and Political Strategy
William RadunovichEmailHomepage
Nicholas A RudnikEmailHomepageResearch Interests: Legislative Politics (institutions, behavior, and budgeting); Southern Politics (the black belt, representation, racial politics, and cleavage management); and Methods (quantitative).
Marah SchlingensiepenEmail
Charles ShieldsEmailHomepageResearch Interests: United States Congress; Framing, language, and rhetoric in politics; media in politics and political communication; political institutions and institutional organization; LGBT politics and policy
Enrijeta ShinoEmailHomepageResearch Interests: Voting Behavior, Elections, Public Opinion, State Politics, Political Psychology, Survey Research Methods, Political Methodology, and Experimental Design.
Alex P. SmithEmailHomepageResearch Interests: American Institutions (Congress & Presidency), American Political Development, Congressional Leadership, Public Administration & Policy, Negotiation & Compromise in Politics