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Research Grants to support Graduate Students

Grants are important in providing resources for your research and as markers of recognition of the importance of your research. Even unsuccessful grant proposals can provide reviews that will be important feedback on your research proposal.

UF Internal Grants to support research include

External Grants that support doctoral research include

Check out eligibility, requirements, deadlines with agency well in advance.

UF Procedures

CLAS Research Office

  • Some external grant applications can be very complex to prepare and to administer once grants are awarded.  The CLAS Research office can assist in preparing the application.
  • Whether you need assistance or not, the CLAS Research Office also enters your grant application in UFirst, which is UF’s internal system for grant processing. This will assure that your proposal gets the needed approvals from the Department, College, and UF Research Office.
  • You must contact the CLAS Research Office no later than 10 business days from the sponsor’s or subcontracting partner’s deadline (as entered in UFIRST). All final documents must be submitted to the CLAS Research Office 4 business days prior to the sponsor’s or subcontracting partner’s deadline entered in UFIRST.
  • The ten/four business day deadlines are inclusive of the two-day UF Office of Research deadline. If a proposal fails to meet either of these deadlines, the CLAS Research Office will not guarantee that the proposal will be submitted to the sponsor.

Institutional Review Board

If you are proposing research on Human Subjects, apply for IRB approval before contacting any potential research participants. This includes

  • Experiments (lab or field)
  • Surveys or interviews (phone, in person, internet)
  • Field research (observations)

Alternative Work Location

If you are an employee of UF (including a TA, RA, or GA) and you will be conducting research outside the United States while performing your duties, you must secure approval for an Alternative Work Location in advance.