Public Affairs Certificate

The Certificate in Public Affairs is designed for students interested in a career in government. Students are required to earn a grade of C or better in 15 hours of public affairs courses. Students take the core courses in public administration and public policy and three upper division public affairs courses from the list below (additional courses can be substituted at the discretion of the faculty). Students are encouraged to serve an internship in government and complete an honors thesis in the area of public affairs. Credits earned toward the certificate also count toward the political science major. The certificate is open to non-majors as well.*  The link for application is

Core Courses (6 hours)

  • PUP 3002 Current Controversies in Public Policy
  • PAD 3003 Introduction to Public Administration


Upper Division Public Affairs Courses (9 hours) **

  • INR 3102   U.S. and World Affairs
  • POS 4940 Political Internship
  • POS 4931  Politics and Economic Crisis in Europe
  • CPO 3401  Politics Middle East
  • POS 3603 American Constitutional Law
  • POS 3606 American Civil Liberties
  • POS 4077 African American Politics
  • POS 4931 Women and Politics in Africa
  • POS 4931 Food Politics
  • PUP 3323 Women in Politics
  • POS 2032  Politics of Sustainability
  • INR 3333  International Security
  • INR 4303  Making American Foreign Policy
  • INR 4350 International Environmental Relations
  • POS 3263 Policy Ethics and Public Leadership
  • POS 4264 Ethics in US Politics
  • POS 4624 Race, Law, and the Constitution
  • POS 4931 Politics of Immigration
  • POS 4931 Latino Politics and Policy
  • POS 4931 Race, Poverty, and Voting Rights
  • POS 4931 Human Rights Africa
  • POT 3503 Environmental Ethics
  • CPO 4722 LA & Caribbean Migration
  • POS 4931 Israel Women and Politics
  • POS 4931 National Security
  • PUP 4008 Analyzing Public Policy
  • PUP 3623 Politics of Policy
  • POT 3509 Environmental Ethics and Politics
  • PUP 4712 Politics of Markets and Governments


**Students May Substitute Additional Courses with the Approval of the Program Coordinator

For more information, contact Professor David Hedge (352) 273-2367.


Students may petition the director of the international relations certificate program for permission to substitute one other course for one of the courses in the electives list.  Please speak to a program coordinator for information about PUP4931/PAD4931.