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Teaching Fellows

The undergraduate Teaching Fellows Program is for advanced and exemplar students who wish to gain classroom experience through leading course discussions, moderating group projects, guest lecturing, and acting as a mentor to students who are enrolled in the course, among other responsibilities. Teaching Fellows are expected to carry out the roles that are assigned to them by their supervising professor.  This program is especially useful for those students who plan to attend graduate school.

Students register for POS4905 and receive 2 or 3 credit hours, depending on the responsibilities determined by their supervising professor.

Students must be nominated by a faculty member to participate in the program. Prospective Teaching Fellows should have earned course credit for the course that they are going to facilitate in order to ensure Junior Teaching Fellows have a thorough understanding of the course materials and content.

Students who have any questions about this program should contact Dr. Angela McCarthy, program director, via email or during office hours.