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Letter from the Graduate Coordinator

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Thank you for visiting the Department of Political Science at the University of Florida. Our Ph.D. program trains students for successful careers in research, both in academia and in non-academic settings. Our MA programs provide training for professional careers in the public or political sectors, and preparation for students who wish to continue to a Ph.D. program. Please take a moment to visit our faculty webpages and our graduate student placement page.

If you are considering applying to our  doctoral program or to one of our  masters programs, I urge you to begin by reading our admissions webpage, which covers many topics that will guide you through the application process. The topics include the relevant deadlines, what factors are considered in the admissions process, how to apply, and special concerns that international students may have. Our admissions page also provides links to the Graduate School, the Admissions Office, and the International Center. Each of these sources can assist you as you gather information about the opportunities available to graduate students at the University of Florida.

As our funding page indicates, the Department offers financial support to the most promising Ph.D. students in the form of teaching and research assistantships. In addition to these sources of financial assistance, students can be nominated for an array of College awards and fellowships, and I encourage you to visit the UF Graduate School Financial Aid website.

With over 35 faculty members, the Department of Political Science at the University of Florida blends a diversity of interests with a tradition in pluralist epistemologies and methodologies. Since 2018, we’ve added eight new faculty members, most of whom share a broad interest in representation and justice, gender, race, and ethnic identity, and the politics of inequality. The result is an intellectually exciting environment that produces broad-minded and well-trained graduate students. I look forward to inviting you to join this engaging community of scholars.


Dr. Michael Martinez 
Graduate Coordinator