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Undergraduate Listserv

The polisci-majors listserv allows faculty and staff to provide information about departmental affairs, requirements, and opportunities to our students in a timely and comprehensive manner. If you would like to subscribe to this list, send a message to which says only “subscribe PCL-MAJORS” If you would like to be removed from the listserv, send a message to which says only “unsubscribe PCL-MAJORS” Your LISTSERV address is:

As students of politics, we value the free expression of ideas, and offer a separate voluntary listserv for those who wish to engage in some extended virtual debate on public issues, candidates, elections, and other topics of interest to its subscribers. If you are interested in joining some interesting conversation, you’re invited to join the by sending a message to which says only, “subscribe POLDISCUSS-L yourfirstname yourlastname”.

POLDISCUSS-L has birds of lots of different feathers as subscribers. If you believe that an inappropriate conversation is occurring on a CLASNet listserv, you may invite that conversation to move to POLDISCUSS-L.