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David M. Hedge


Ph.D, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 1979


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My research and teaching cuts across a number of areas in American politics and public policy, including state politics, welfare reform, legislative behavior, and bureaucratic politics.  My current research looks at political control of the bureaucracy. I am presently working on a book length ms. tentatively titled Governing from the Back Porch of American Politics:  The Politics of Bureaucratic Control. My research appears in several journals, including the American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Legislative Studies Quarterly, American Politics Quarterly and Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. In 1998, I published Governance and the Changing American States (Westview Press) as part of Larry Dodd’s series on Transforming American Politics. In 2008, I published with Joseph Stewart and the late James Lester Public Policy: An Evolutionary Approach, 3rd ed.  (Thomson * Wadsworth). The Chinese edition was published by China Renmin University Press in 2010.