Meet Professor Zhiyuan (Sebastian) Wang

What got you first interested in pursuing a career in political science? I was a law student in China. I encountered some international relations literature when I was a master student in international law. This literature seeks to provide a deeper understanding of international institutions, which international law scholars often take for granted. Fascinated by […]

Meet Professor Hannah Alarian

Over the past year, we have gotten to know professor Hannah Alarian quite well inside the classroom. But what is she like when not teaching? What surprised her about the University of Florida? What made her interested in politics? We decided to find the answers to these questions and many more. What got you first […]

Meet Professor Andrew Janusz

If you have had a chance to take a class with Professor Andrew Janusz, you definitely learned a lot about Latin American politics. But did you know he wants to learn to play the ukulele? Neither did we.  Eager to find out what other tricks he has up his sleeves, we decided to sit down […]

Meet Dr. Andrew Rosenberg

Meet Dr. Andrew Rosenberg Interview conducted by Tenney Kapellusch 1) Why did you want to work at UF? I came to UF as a part of a cluster hire on race, gender, and inequality. The cluster hire really appealed to me, and I was very excited that the university is committed to hiring junior faculty […]

Alumni Spotlight: Joselin Padron-Rasines

Joselin Padron-Rasines made history in 2015 by becoming the first Latina at UF to become student body president, unseating the entrenched political machine on campus and challenging the status quo by promoting tuition equity for undocumented students . After completing an MA in Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at […]

Please Welcome to Anderson Hall our New Lecturer and Assistant Professors for Fall 2019

Hannah Alarian, Assistant Professor, Comparative Politics (Western Europe), Political Behavior Paul M. B. Gutierrez, Assistant Professor, Judicial Politics (American) and Political Theory Drew Rosenberg, Assistant Professor, International Relations and Social Network Analysis (Methods) Juliana Restrepo Sanin, Assistant Professor, Comparative Politics (Latin America), Gender and Development Andrew Janusz, Assistant Professor, Comparative Politics (Latin America) Angela McCarthy, […]

Enrijeta Shino will be starting as an Assistant Professor at the University of North Florida in Fall 2019!

Enrijeta Shino I am a PhD Candidate and Graduate Assistant in the Department of Political Science at the University of Florida. I will be starting as an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of North Florida in Fall 2019.  My primary research interests are in political behavior, public opinion, and elections. My dissertation focuses on […]