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Stephen C. Craig


Ph.D, Northwestern University, 1979


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Professor Craig is the author of The Malevolent Leaders: Popular Discontent in America (1993); editor or co-editor of Broken Contract? Changing Relationships Between Americans and Their Government (1995); After the Boom: The Politics of Generation X (1997); Ambivalence and the Structure of Political Opinion (2005); Ambivalence, Politics, and Public Policy (2005); The Electoral Challenge: Theory Meets Practice (2006, 2011). His articles have appeared in American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, Political Behavior, American Politics Quarterly,Political Methodology, Polity, Political Research Quarterly, Political Communication, Social Science Quarterly, Political Psychology, Public Opinion Quarterly, and others. Professor Craig’s current research deals with attitude measurement, campaign effects, and other aspects of contemporary public opinion and political behavior in the United States. More information on ongoing projects is available on his website.