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Aida A. Hozic

hozicaAssociate Professor

Ph.D, University of Virginia, 1997


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Aida A. Hozic is an Associate Professor of International Relations. She received her PhD from the University of Virginia in 1997. Her research is situated at the intersection of political economy, cultural studies, and international security. Thus far, her work has been focused on American media industries and their role in and relation to power and warfare. Her current project, however, explores the resurrection of the old Ottoman trade routes in contemporary Balkans, the accompanying political violence and instability, and the role of the Balkans in the world economy. The thread connecting these two seemingly unrelated areas of study is the emphasis on merchants and merchant capitalism in the context of history of long duree. Hence, most recently, she co-directed a workshop at the European University Institute in Florence with her colleague Mine Eder, from Bogazici University in Istanbul, entitled “Mediterranean Merchants: Politics, Economics and Culture of Informal Trade Networks.” She is the author of Hollyworld: Space, Power and Fantasy in the American Economy (Cornell University Press, 2002) and a number of articles in journals and edited volumes. Her work has been supported by the John D. and Katherine T. MacArthur Foundation, IREX, Institute for Turkish Studies, Open Society Institute, University of Florida Humanities Fund and many other fellowships.