IR Certificate

The certificate in international relations is designed for students who are interested in international affairs and who are considering careers in this field (e.g., working for the U.S. government’s foreign policy or intelligence agencies; foreign policy think tanks; international non-governmental organizations). The certificate requires satisfactory completion, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher, of 18 credits of international relations coursework, distributed as follows:

  • Two core courses (required)
  • At least three introductory (3xxx-level) subfield courses
  • At least one advanced (4xxx-level) subfield course

A complete list of INR courses is provided below.

The IR certificate is open to all majors. Students interested in pursuing the certificate must first apply for admission into the program. There are no requirements for admission, but a formal application is necessary.


After being admitted into the program, students will be able to apply for Certificate/Degree through ISIS in their graduating semester. Students who are about to graduate and who have already completed all the requirements for the certificate, still have to apply for admission through the link above before applying through ISIS. Note that the certificate approval process takes some time and it may be a while before the IR Certificate appears in your ISIS record.

For more information, please contact Professor Zachary Selden.

Core Courses (required)

  • INR 2001 International Relations
  • INR 3603 International Relations’ Theory

Introductory Subfield Courses (at least 3 courses required)

  • INR 3034 Politics of the World Economy
  • INR 3084 Culture and World Politics
  • INR 3102 The U.S. and World Affairs
  • INR 3333 Introduction to International Security
  • INR 3502 International Institutions

Advanced Subfield Courses (at least one course required)

  • INR 4035 Rich and Poor Countries
  • INR 4083 War and Peace in World Politics
  • INR 4204 Comparative Foreign Policy
  • INR 4244 International Politics of Latin America
  • INR 4303 The Making of American Foreign Policy
  • INR 4350 International Environmental Relations
  • INR 4531 The Politics of the European Union

Students may petition the director of the international relations certificate program for permission to substitute one other course for one of the courses in the electives list.  Please speak to a program coordinator for information about INR4931.