International Relations

Altan Apar Email Research Interests: International Relations Theories, Foucault and International Relations; bio-politics, governmentality and security techniques in the international system; International political economy; political economy of growth, economic growth theories and models; international trade theories, competitiveness; state-aid regimes, industrial and enterprise policies
Jonathan Chiarella Email
Orlando Crespo Email Research Interests: Critical theory, politics of intersectionality, governmentality, postmodernist politics, international theory
Alec Seung Chung  Email  Homepage Research Interests: International Political Economy, Effects of Trade on Interstate Conflict, International Trade Relations in East Asia
Ningxin Dong Email  Homepage Research Interests: International Relations, US Foreign Policy, US-China Relations, Chinese Politics, NGOs.
Natalia Fontoura  Email Research Interests: International Security, Gender Studies, Peacekeeping Operations, Military interventions, Genocide, Contemporary conflicts
Bryant Harden Email Homepage Research Interests: Foucault and International Relations; Bio-politics, Governmentality and Security Techniques in the International System; U.S. Foreign Policy, Development, and Intervention
Hye Ryeon Jang Email Research Interests: China-East Asia Relations, US-China Relations, International Politics in East Asia, Maritime Disputes, and Resource Conflict
Eric Lake Email Research Interests: The effect of anonymity on the relationship between states and violent extremist organizations in Africa.
Chad Lukens Email
Taylor McDonald Email Research Interests: Relationship between National Identity and Foreign Policy, International Practices, Securitization, Canadian Foreign Policy, IR Theory, International Political Economy, and Post-structural Discourse Analysis and Interpretive Methods
Kendra Patterson Email Research Interests: Conflict and Cooperation over International Rivers, International Security, Environmental Politics.
Kathleen Sabol Email Research Interests: Terrorism/Counterterrorism, International Security, Military Intervention, the Middle East, Europe, and U.S. Foreign Policy, Feminist Theory, and Comparative Politics
Jeeye Song Email Research Interests: Empire and State System, Diplomatic History, East Asian Politics
Gulsah Unal Email Research Interests: International Relations Theory, Security Studies, Critical Security Theories, Middle East.
Ryan Van Tress Email Research Interests: Israel and Iraq and Iraqi Jews as a bridge minority between Jews and Arabs, as well as Kurdish Jews and Kurdistan, understanding power in the context of these cultures; conflict and resolution in the Middle East; and modern Hebrew and Iraqi Arabic languages.
Saskia Van Wees Email Homepage Research Interests: Environmental Politics, Norms, Critical Theory, International Political Economy, Environmental Security, Politics of Indices
Shritha Vasudevan Email Research Interests: International Law, International Relations, Compliance, Gender-Based Violence, India.
Chuan Wang Email Research Interests: Sino-Hollywood Relations, Popular Culture in IR, Critical Theory, and International Political Economy
Anna Weissman Email Homepage Research Interests: feminist theory and methodology, identity politics in Eastern Europe, gender and social movements, democratization and regime transition
Jongmin Yang Email Research Interests: Cultural politics, video games in IR, international political economy in the information era, social network theory.