American Politics

Nouf Aljassar Email Research Interests: Public Policy and Administration, American Political Institutions, Political Behavior.
Brian Amos Email Research Interests: Redistricting, state politics, direct democracy, quantitative methodology.
Brandon Armstrong Email Research Interests: American Political Institutions, Public Administration and Policy, African American Politics, American Political Development, Social Choice Theories, State and Local Government, and Research Methods.• Research Interests: American Political Institutions (Congress and the Presidency), Bureaucratic Politics, African American Politics, and Political Methodology
Juliette Barbera Email Research Interests: Anti-racist Research Approach to the Study of Crime, Criminal Justice Policies and Politics as Political Institutions, Crime Policy Proposals and Policy Outcomes as Influenced by the Institutionalization of Crime Politics, Marginalization through Crime Politics, American Political Development, American Political Institutions, Public Administration and Policy, African American Studies, Rational Choice Models to Understand Political Theory and Institutions, and Research Methods
Charles Dahan-Garrigan Email Homepage Research Interests: Survey Design, Survey Research, Ballot Design, Political Behavior, Political Psychology, Experimental Political Science, Natural Experiments, Field Experiments, Political Physiology, Rational Choice, Behavioral Economics, Political Methodology
Rolda Darlington Email Research Interests: Minority and gender politics, Congressional studies, American institutions, Civic education and participation, and Democratic Representation
James Fahey Email Research Interests: Populism, Southern Politics, Right-Wing Social Movements, and Emotional Aspects of Voting Behavior
Matthew Harrigan Email Homepage Research Interests: American Political Institutions, Congress, the Presidency, American Political Development, Political Parties and Elections.
Ishante LaToya Hunter Email Research Interests: Florida Stand Your Ground Legislation, South African Traditional Law, Urban Politics, Sports Politics, African-American Politics
Peter Licari Email Homepage Research Interests: Political Psychology, Political Behavior, Formation and Expression of Political Identity, Voter Choice and Turnout, Opinion Formation, Digital Media, Survey Research, Large-N Research, and Political Methodology.
Robert Louis Mermer II Email Research Interests: Congress, Working Class Representation, Welfare State Policy, Inter-branch Relations (Congress-Presidency and Congress-Judiciary), Parties, Political Development, and European Union Politics
Torrian Pace Email Research Interests: U.S. Intelligence Community, The Role of the Presidency and Executive Politics, The Role of Congress and Legislative Politics, Bureaucratic Politics, Political Communications, National Security, U.S. Foreign Policy, and The Diversity of Social Media and its Impact on Public Opinion
Stephen C. Phillips Email Homepage Research Interests: American Political Institutions (Congress & Presidency), American Political and Legislative Development, Heresthetics and Political Strategy, and Public Policy & Administration
William Radunovich Email Homepage
Nicholas A Rudnik Email Homepage Research Interests: Legislative Politics (institutions, behavior, and budgeting); Southern Politics (the black belt, representation, racial politics, and cleavage management); and Methods (quantitative).
Marah Schlingensiepen Malleck Email  Research Interests: Criminal Justice Policy, Politics and Race, and Public Policy & Administration
Charles Shields Email Homepage Research Interests: United States Congress; Framing, language, and rhetoric in politics; media in politics and political communication; political institutions and institutional organization; LGBT politics and policy
Enrijeta Shino Email Homepage Research Interests: Voting Behavior, Elections, Public Opinion, State Politics, Political Psychology, Survey Research Methods, Political Methodology, and Experimental Design.
Alex P. Smith Email Homepage Research Interests: American Political Institutions (Congress & Presidency), American Political Development, American Political Thought, Heresthetics, Political Negotiation, and Public Policy
Katie Widner Email Research Interests: Congress, Politics and the Media, Southern Politics, Women in Politics, and Political Methodology
Kristina Wright-Bowen Email Homepage Research Interests: American Politics, International Relations, and Urban and Regional Planning