Graduate Students — Comparative Politics

Name Email id Website Research Area
Marco A. F. AraujoEmailResearch Interests: African Politics.
Asli BaysalEmailResearch Interests: Comparative Politics, European Union, Democratization, Regimes and Regime Changes, State-Building, Historical Institutionalism, Process Tracing, International Organizations.
Jennifer BoylanEmailHomepageResearch Interests: Ethnic and Identity Politics, Electoral Behavior, Multi-Methods Research, Democratization, Bureaucratic and Electoral Policies, Comparative Politics (specialization in sub-Saharan Africa).
Rahmi CemenEmailResearch Interests: Political Regimes and Regime Change, International Influence on Domestic Politics, and the Europeanization of Turkey
Eyup CivelekEmailResearch Interests: Ethnic Politics, Ethnic Political Parties, Middle East Politics, Political Quantitative and Mixed Methodology
Ross CottonEmailHomepageResearch Interests: Political Parties, Legislatures, Electoral Systems, Federal and Regional Politics, and Nationalism
August Paul DeisEmailResearch Interests: Latin American Studies, African Studies, Mixed-Methods, Civil-Military Relations, Foreign Policy, Private Military Contractors, Special Operations.
Burak DingecEmail
Amanda EdgellEmailHomepageResearch Interests: Regime Transition, Political Institutions, Elections and Electoral Politics, Gender Politics, and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Daniel EizengaEmailResearch Interests: African politics, Islam and politics, Democratization, Civil Military Relations and Civil Society.
James FaheyEmail Research Interests: Judicial Independence, Democratization, Latin American Politics
Victoria GorhamEmailResearch Interests: African politics, nation-building, independence movements, postcolonial states, qualitative methods, cross-regional research.
Miaad HassanEmailResearch Interests: Comparative Politics, Democracy, Contentious Politics, State Building, Middle East and European Politics, Political Institutions, Rule of Law and Constitutionalism.
Justin HoyleEmail Research Interests: Civil-Military Relations,Regime Change,Democratization, Egyptian Politics
Ashley HudsonEmailResearch Interests: Religion and Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations
Ibrahim Yahaya IbrahimEmailHomepageResearch Interests: Political Reform, Socio-Religious Change, and Stability in the African Sahel
Junseok LeeEmailResearch Interests: Post-communist and post-Soviet politics, post-Soviet elite, state-building and political institution, democratic breakdown, regime transition, hybrid regime, comparative authoritarianism, qualitative and mixed methods.
Drew LewisEmail
Nancy MasoodEmail
Chesney McOmberEmailHomepageResearch Interests: African Politics (Kenya and Morocco), Gender and Political Development, Feminist Theory, Social Capital.
Kokila MendisEmailHomepageResearch Interests: Scandinavian Politics, Western European Immigration and Integration, Multiculturalist Political Theory, Critical Race Theory, & Intersectionality.
Karla MundimEmail
Anna MwabaEmailResearch Interests: Comparative Politics, International Relations, International Organizations, African Union, Election-Monitoring.
Emily Pukuma (Hauser)EmailHomepageResearch Interests: Democratic Durability, Colonial Legacies, and African Politics
Huang QingmingEmailResearch interests: Authoritarian politics, democratization in China, Taiwan, and Middle East, revolution and reform, state and media, ethnic conflicts.
Mateo Riano AriasEmail
Jose Sebastian SclofskyEmailResearch Interests: Law and Society, Urban politics and policing, critical race studies, judicial politics, political theory, Latin American politics, and American politics.
Dragana SvrakaEmailResearch Interests: Comparative Politics and Political Theory, Nationalism, Culture, Balkans.
Jessie-Leigh ThomasResearch Interests: Democratic Transitions, Postcommunist Regimes, Eastern Europe, US & EU Foreign policy
Chuan WangEmailResearch Interests: political, economic and social issues in East Asia; cross-Straits relations; Sino-Japan relations; Democratization in China
Michael WebbEmailResearch Interests: Social Capital, Urban Politics, Technology in Politics, Post-Industrial Politics
Ryan WhittinghamEmailResearch Interests: Party Systems, Latin America, Democratization.
Alexandria WilsonEmailResearch Interests: Social Movements, Public Policy, Migration & Human Trafficking, Women and Politics, Feminist Theory, Central & Eastern Europe