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Patricia J. Sohn

Dr. Patricia J. Sohn, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Dr. Sohn has been a professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Florida since August 2001.  She is also published under her maiden name, Patricia Woods.  She has received national fellowships from the Social Science Research Council; the National Science Foundation Law and Social Sciences Program; has been a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies; and is author of Judicial Power and National Politics: Courts and Gender in the Religious Secular Conflict in Israel, Second Edition, SUNY Press.  She has served on the Executive Board of the Association for Israel Studies; as a University of Florida Faculty Senator; and was curator for the blog, Subaltern States, a blog of (2016-2019).  She specializes in grassroots, micro-level, political-ethnographic and historical institutional case study analysis.  Thematically, her research centers on the intersection of law and courts, religion and politics, and gender politics, all in comparative perspective and with a primary focus on the Modern Middle East and North Africa (MENA).  Before coming to Political Science, she received her first two degrees in Comparative Religion (Jewish Studies and Islamic Studies).  Dr. Sohn is affiliated at the University of Florida with the Center for Jewish Studies; the Center for Global Islamic Studies; and the Center for Gender and Women’s Studies Research.  She has a concerted interest in curricular issues and student development at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Please see her webpage for more information:

Contact Information

Office: 333 Anderson Hall

Office tel: 352-273-2370