Patricia J. Sohn


Dr. Patricia J. Sohn, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor



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Ph.D. University of Washington, 2001


Thematic Areas of Interest within Comparative Politics

  • Religion and Politics
  • Comparative Law and Society
  • Comparative Gender Politics

Region of Specialty

  • Modern Middle East
  • Israel/Palestine

Theoretical Areas of Interest and Methods

  • Micro-Level Politics (e.g., Historical Institutionalism from the grassroots level)
  • State-Society Relations
  • Political Ethnography, Qualitative Methods, In-Depth Interviews



Patricia J. Sohn (formerly Patricia J. Woods) is the author of Judicial Power and National Politics: Courts and Gender in the Religious-Secular Conflict in Israel, now available in its Second Edition with State University of New York Press (2017).  She received her Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Near and Middle East Studies (Modern Middle East Politics Track), University of Washington, Seattle, in August 2001 working with a committee of five nationally renowned scholars, of whom four political scientists and one sociologist.  She is editor of the series, Gender in Jewish Studies, with Academic Studies Press.  Before coming to Political Science she received an M.A. and B.A. in Comparative Religion (Islam and Judaism, and Judaism and Islam, respectively). Dr. Sohn has lived abroad in Israel, Haiti, France, and the West Bank; she has traveled abroad extensively since childhood, including Western Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Kenya, and the former Soviet Union.  Dr. Sohn has twice been an Anderson/College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Scholar Faculty Honoree for excellence in teaching (2002, 2007), and she has been nominated for a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences teaching award (2003).


Visiting Appointments

Visiting Scholar, Harvard University Center for Middle Eastern Studies, January 2003 through June 2004


  • National Science Foundation Law and Social Sciences Dissertation Grant (SES #9906136, Migdal PI, Woods, Co-PI)
  • Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowship
  • Social Science Research Council Near and Middle East Training Program Pre-Dissertation Fellowship
  • Social Science Research Council Special Topics (Competitive) Dissertation Workshop on States and Societies in the Middle East
  • The Dorot Foundation
  • University of Florida Provost Faculty Enhancement Opportunity Award
  • University of Florida Humanities Faculty Enhancement Fellowship



  • Speaking and reading: English, Hebrew, French
  • Translating to English: Modern Standard Arabic
  • Elementary training in: Turkish, German, Haitian Creole, and Palestinian Spoken Arabic


Professional Service

Dr. Sohn has been on the Executive Board of the Association for Israel Studies (2000-2005); she was Program Chair of its international convention in San Diego in 2003; she was Chair and Discussant of its Dissertation Workshop in 2004; and she was President and Co-Founder of its Graduate Student Organization (1996-2000), which is still in existence. She was a graduate officer for the Middle East Studies Association (1994-1995); as well as the Graduate-Faculty Liaison Officer for the Interdisciplinary Near and Middle East Ph.D. Program at the University of Washington, Seattle (1997-2000). She has been a reviewer for the Fulbright Foundation (National Screening Committee); the National Science Foundation; the Social Science Research Council; the American Judicature Society; and CUNY University in addition to a number of academic journals and academic presses. She has served as a Section Chair for the Southern Political Science Association (2012-2013).


International Academic Experience

  • Group d’Analyse des Politiques Publiques (GAPP), École Normale Supérieure de Cachan, Cachan, France (Foreign Research Fellow, faculty research visit, one month, 2004)
  • Birkbeck College of Law, University of London (Honorary Visiting Fellow, faculty research visit, one month, 2004)
  • Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Department of Political Science (Visiting Researcher, Dissertation Fellow funded by a National Science Foundation Law and Social Science Dissertation Fellowship, SES #9906136 Migdal PI, Woods Co-PI; the Social Science Research Council International Dissertation Research Fellowship Program; and the Dorot Foundation, 1999-2000)
  • Tel Aviv University, Department of Sociology and Anthropology (Visiting Scholar, Pre-Dissertation Fellow funded by the Social Science Research Council Near and Middle East Research and Training Program, January 1997 – June 1997)
  • Birzeit University, Palestinian Arabic Studies Program (student during doctoral program, funded by the Near and Middle East Studies Program, University of Washington, July 1995 – August 1995)
  • University of Haifa, January 1993 – June 1994 (overseas student)
  • Paris I/Sorbonne, January 1987 – June 1987 (overseas student)
  • American University in Paris, January 1987 – June 1987 (overseas student)



Graduate Level:

  • Modern Middle East Politics
  • Law, State, and Society in Comparative Perspective (focusing on Europe, Middle East, United States, South Asia)
  • Field Methods and Grant Writing
  • Comparative Gender Politics (Spring 2017)


Undergraduate Level:

  • Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • Introduction to Comparative Politics Web-Course (e-learning, and UFONLINE)
  • Political Change and Legal Development
  • Politics of the Modern Middle East
  • Arab-Israeli Conflict
  • Arab-Israeli Conflict II (Ideological Approaches)
  • Politics of Israel
  • Women and Politics in the Modern Middle East
  • Women and Politics in Israel
  • Law, Religion, and State: Israel in Comparative Perspective (Middle East and Europe)


Contact Information

  • Office: 222 Anderson
  • Phone: 352-273-2370
  • Email: