Satisfactory Progress in the M.A. Program

A. Satisfactory Progress in the M.A. Program

The Department will dismiss from the M.A. program students not making satisfactory progress toward the degree. The grounds for dismissal include the following:

  • A graduate GPA of less than 3.25 for more than one semester.
  • Two grades less than “B-” (either in the same semester or in different semesters) constitute evidence of unsatisfactory progress.
  • A judgment supported by a majority of the supervisory committee including the Chair of the Committee meeting in the “final examination” for the MA program in question that the student’s performance is unacceptable. What constitutes the “final examination” differs between degrees (i.e., M.A. in Political Science versus M.A. in International Relations) and among programs (general M.A. in Political Science, Certificate in Political Campaigning, and Certificate in Public Affairs).

B. Summary of Final Examinations by M.A. Degree and Program

  • M.A. with Thesis – For students pursuing the M.A. with Thesis option, the thesis defense constitutes the final examination.
  • M.A. without Thesis – For students pursuing the M.A. without Thesis option, the submission and defense of the two qualifying papers constitutes the final examination.