International Relations

Altan Apar Email Research Interests: International Relations Theories, Foucault and International Relations; bio-politics, governmentality and security techniques in the international system; International political economy; political economy of growth, economic growth theories and models; international trade theories, competitiveness; state-aid regimes, industrial and enterprise policies 
Alec Seung Chung  Email  Homepage Research Interests: International Political Economy, Effects of Trade on Interstate Conflict, International Trade Relations in East Asia
Ningxin Dong Email  Homepage Research Interests: International Relations, US Foreign Policy, US-China Relations, Chinese Politics, NGOs.
Natalia Fontoura  Email Research Interests: International Security, Gender Studies, Peacekeeping Operations, Military interventions, Genocide, Contemporary conflicts
Nausherwan Hafeez Email Homepage Research Interests: Conflict Resolution Studies, Postcolonial Theory, South Asian Politics, Nationalism, and American Grand Strategy
Miaad Hassan Email Research Interests: Post conflict development, terrorism, human rights, democratization, ethnic & religious conflict, regime change, social justice, and Political Islam.
Hye Ryeon Jang Email Research Interests: China-East Asia Relations, US-China Relations, International Politics in East Asia, Maritime Disputes, and Resource Conflict
Eric Lake Email Research Interests: The effect of anonymity on the relationship between states and violent extremist organizations in Africa.
Taylor McDonald Email Research Interests: IR Theory, Global order under American hegemony, International Political Economy, Canadian Foreign Policy, and US Grand Strategy
Torrian Pace Email Research Interests: National Security, U.S. Foreign Policy, Political Economy, Presidency and Executive Institutions, Legislative and Intergovernmental Politics, The Role of Congress, and The diversity of social media and its impact on Public Opinion.
Kendra Patterson Email Research Interests: Conflict and Cooperation over International Rivers, International Security, Environmental Politics.
Kathleen Sabol Email Research Interests: Terrorism/Counterterrorism, International Security, Military Intervention, the Middle East, Europe, and U.S. Foreign Policy
Jeeye Song Email Research Interests: Empire and State System, Diplomatic History, East Asian Politics
Gulsah Unal Email Research Interests: International Relations Theory, Security Studies, Critical Security Theories, Middle East.
Ryan Van Tress Email Research Interests: Israel and Iraq and Iraqi Jews as a bridge minority between Jews and Arabs, as well as Kurdish Jews and Kurdistan, understanding power in the context of these cultures; conflict and resolution in the Middle East; and modern Hebrew and Iraqi Arabic languages. 
Saskia Van Wees Email Homepage Research Interests: Environmental Politics, Norms, Critical Theory, International Political Economy, Environmental Security, Politics of Indices
Shritha Vasudevan Email Research Interests: International Law, International Relations, Compliance, Gender-Based Violence, India. 
Anna Weissman Email Homepage Research Interests: feminist theory and methodology, identity politics in Eastern Europe, gender and social movements, democratization and regime transition
Lisa Wnek Email Research Interests: Postcolonial theory, Feminist Security and Surveillance studies, U.S. Foreign Policy, Modern Warfare, Anti-militarism activism, Critical Algorithm studies
Jongmin Yang Email Research Interests: Cultural politics, video games in IR, international political economy in the information era, social network theory.