Comparative Politics

Asli Baysal Email Research Interests: Comparative Politics, European Union, Democratization, Regimes and Regime Changes, State-Building, Historical Institutionalism, Process Tracing, International Organizations.
Jennifer Boylan Email Homepage Research Interests: Ethnic and Identity Politics, Electoral Behavior, Multi-Methods Research, Democratization, Bureaucratic and Electoral Policies, Comparative Politics (specialization in sub-Saharan Africa).
Rahmi Cemen Email  Homepage Research Interests: Europeanization, Turkish Politics, Hybrid Regimes, Social Policy, and Welfare Politics in Emerging Markets
Eyup Civelek Email Research Interests: Ethnic Politics, Ethnic Political Parties, Middle East Politics, Political Quantitative and Mixed Methodology
Ross Cotton Email Homepage Research Interests: Political Parties, Legislatures, Electoral Systems, Federal and Regional Politics, and Nationalism
August Paul Deis Email Research Interests:  Latin American Studies, African Studies, Mixed-Methods, Civil-Military Relations, Foreign Policy, Private Military Contractors, Special Operations.
Burak Dingec Email
Amanda Edgell Email Homepage Research Interests: Regime Transition, Political Institutions, Elections and Electoral Politics, Gender Politics, and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Daniel Eizenga Email Research Interests: African politics, Islam and politics, Democratization, Civil Military Relations and Civil Society.
Graham Gallagher Email Homepage Research Interests: Moral Economy, Ideological Structures and 20th Century Political Theory, State Formation, Southeast Asian Politics, Contentious Politics and Rebellions, Agrarian and Peasant Politics, Informal Institutions, and Political History
Victoria Gorham Email Research Interests: African politics, nation-building, independence movements, postcolonial states, qualitative methods, cross-regional research.
Mesud Hasgur Email
Miaad Hassan Email Research Interests: Democratization, Political Institutions, Contentious Politics, State Building, Political Culture, Post-colonialism, Ottoman Empire, and Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
Justin Hoyle Email  Research Interests: Civil-Military Relations,Regime Change,Democratization, Egyptian Politics
Ashley Hudson Email Research Interests: Religion and Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations
Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim Email Homepage Research Interests: Political Reform, Socio-Religious Change, and Stability in the African Sahel
Junseok Lee Email Research Interests: Post-communist and post-Soviet politics, post-Soviet elite, state-building and political institution, democratic breakdown, regime transition, hybrid regime, comparative authoritarianism, qualitative and mixed methods.
Drew Lewis Email  Research Interests: Central and Eastern European Politics, Democratization, European Union, Nationalism, and Social Capital
Nancy Masood Email
Chesney McOmber Email Homepage Research Interests: African Politics (Kenya and Morocco), Gender and Political Development, Feminist Theory, Social Capital.
Karla Mundim Email Research Interests: Ethnic Politics, Latin America, Indigenous Politics, Social Movements, and Comparative Political Theory
Anna Mwaba Email Research Interests: Comparative Politics, International Relations, International Organizations, African Union, Election-Monitoring.
Emily Pukuma (Hauser) Email Homepage Research Interests: Democratic Durability, Colonial Legacies, and African Politics
Huang Qingming Email Research interests: Authoritarian politics, democratization in China, Taiwan, and Middle East, revolution and reform, state and media, ethnic conflicts.
Mateo Riano Arias Email  Research Interests: African Politics, Regime Transitions, Democratization, and Ethnicity and Ethnic Conflict
Jose Sebastian Sclofsky Email Research Interests: Law and Society, Urban politics and policing, critical race studies, judicial politics, political theory, Latin American politics, and American politics.
Elena Shatilova Email
Dragana Svraka Email Research Interests: Ethnic Politics, Nationalism, Minority Rights, Historical and Immigrant Minorities, Multiculturalism, and Europe
Jessie-Leigh Thomas Research Interests: Democratic Transitions, Postcommunist Regimes, Eastern Europe,  US & EU Foreign policy
Michael Webb Email Research Interests: Social Capital, Urban Politics, Technology in Politics, Post-Industrial Politics
Ryan Whittingham Email Research Interests: State Repression, Human Rights, Authoritarianism, Game Theory, and Bayesian Methods
Alexandria Wilson Email  Homepage Research Interests: Social Movements, Public Policy, Migration & Human Trafficking, Women and Politics, Feminist Theory, Central & Eastern Europe